Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MOAB-23-01-2007: Apple QuickDraw GetSrcBits32ARGB() Memory Corruption Vulnerability

QuickDraw is integrated in Mac OS X since very early versions, used by Quicktime and any other application that needs to handle PICT images. A vulnerability exists in the handling of ARGB records (Alpha RGB) within PICT images, that leads to an exploitable memory corruption condition (ex. denial of service, so-called crash, which can be used to gain root privileges in combination with MOAB-22-01-2007).

For further information:
Apple has released a fix to MOAB-01-01-2007: Security Update 2007-001. They finally acknowledge the MoAB, with some PR crediting wizardry, aka 'let's mention but not explicitly say we are broken'. 22 days to fix a remote arbitrary code execution issue in one of their most extended products, distributed with working exploits for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X versions can be considered acceptable timing. Come on, it's not that difficult to change a strcpy() call... is it?

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