Thursday, January 18, 2007

MOAB-18-01-2007: Rumpus Multiple Vulnerabilities

rumpusd is vulnerable to different remotely exploitable heap-based buffer overflows, denial of service conditions and local privilege escalation issues. Due to the fact that Rumpus works under root privileges, successful exploitation by unprivileged users would allow a full compromise of the system.

Most of these issues are related to both FTP and HTTP request parsing, as well as insecure use of the system() function and incorrect permissions and/or handling of setuid binaries.
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Unknown said...

Maxum Development today released Rumpus 5.1.1, a significant mainentance update issued to address potential security vulnerabilities in the software. Existing Rumpus servers that properly enforce user authentication and access restrictions are generally unaffected by the issues addressed. However, the update is strongly recommended for all Rumpus installations as a precaution. The update is free for all Rumpus users who originally purchased Rumpus 4 or 5 licenses.